The purpose of this blog is to find and share better ways to make things better.

Gemba is a Japanese word that means "actual place". In the kaizen philosophy, all improvement must be based on fact, and these facts are found only at the gemba – the actual workplace.

Panta rei is an ancient Greek phrase meaning "everything changes" or "everything flows". A philosopher named Heraclites left a fragmented but important body of work relating to the changing nature of existence. It is our philosophy that change is always happening around us and that we can add human creativity to bring positive change – kaizen – to our lives.

Gemba Panta Rei is the company blog of Kaizen Institute. The views and opinions on this blog reflect those of the writer of the blog, but many of them are a fair reflection of the values of our company as a whole.

Jon Miller is the main writer for this blog. He is CEO of Kaizen Institute. He was born in Japan and lived there for 18 years. In 1993 Jon was fortunate to start his career working with consultants who were students of Taiichi Ohno.  


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