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Panta Rei

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Quadrillions of Dollars in Savings?

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21 Questions to Ask When Walking the Model Line, Part 1

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10,999,950 More Reasons to Think "Yes We Can"

National Public Radio to Feature Lean Thinking and NUMMI

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His Name is on Every Car

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Looking for Evidence of PDCA

No Excuses, Respect for People and Finishing Strong

Made Up Lean Enterprise Statistics

Scientific Management 2.0

The Kipling Method vs. the Ohno Method

The 5 Universal Laws of Gemba Management

Green Manufacturing Tour of Toyota Tsutsumi

Who Sets the Standard?

Skitt's Law Applied to Kaizen

MBWA: Management by Watching the Actual

Brilliant Value Stream Mapping Icon Fonts

What Would Newt Gingrich do with American Health Care?

Blog Action Day: Climate Change

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Words of Taiichi Ohno Sensei: Kaizen by Inspiration is Not Kaizen

Seven Essential Qualities of a Lean Leader

Online Training for Quick Changeover and SMED

Aquatic Life Forms and the Lean Organization

How to Use 5S to Manage Kaizen

A Tortoise and a Hare Get Into a Potato Sack...

How to Be Lean in a Batch Production Industry

Toyota-style Problem Solving, Step 7: Check Both Process and Results

The Wizard of Oz School of Lean

Genchi Genbutsu on the Retail Floor

Three Risks of Implementing Lean without Policy Deployment

The e-mail gemba

What is Kaizen? The Little Gear

Important Lessons in Kaizen from A Different Kind of Map

Energy Treasure Hunt at the Grocery Store

Bad News from MIT for the PDCA Cycle?

YouTube: Lean Energy Treasure Hunts at GE

The Lean Energy Treasure Hunt

Agnosia: Losing the Ability to See the Obvious

Thedacare CEO Talks TPS in Healthcare on Fox News

Ambiguous Visual Controls: Come Closer. No, stay Away!

Lean Thinker Interview with Chris Schrandt

Review of Toyota Supply Chain Management by Iyer, Seshadri and Vasher

Why Should I Mark My Cupboards!?

Ambiguous Visual Controls... this one's pretty clear actually

5S Guidelines for the Office

One Point Lesson: Takt Image

Management Improvement Carnival #72

What Can Lean Do for the Healthcare Business Office?

The Harmony of Discipline and Creativity

The Lean Buzz at Starbucks

Value Stream Management: Evidence on the Parking Lot

Ask Gemba: Volume and Variability in Demand Segmentation

Queuing Kaizen at Southwest Airlines

I'll Take My Lean with Water, On the Rocks

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Three Hoshin Habits for Effective Execution

Value Added Percentage Question

The 1950s Movie Guide to Lean Service

When Automation is Stupid

How do You Say "'No problem,' is a Problem." in Romanian?

The Power of U

One Point Lesson: Kamishibai

Boeing Gets a Grip

Saluting NUMMI

Agile Kanban Journal Day 8: Do We Need a "Done" Column?

Seeking: Checklist for a Sense of Urgency

The Funny Thing About Waste

Agile Kanban Journal: Kaizens on Day 1

Trying Out My Agile Kanban Board

The Amazing Adventures of Kanban

There is No Such Thing as Wasteful Work

Free Gemba Academy Video: The 7 Deadly Wastes

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How to Engage People in Kaizen

An End of an Era for the Lean Community?

What is the Role of a Kaizen Promotion Officer?

9 Ways to Struggle at Hoshin Kanri

Ambiguous Visual Controls: This is Elite Access

Tsurube System: How to Flow through Shared or Batch Equipment

5S Red Tag Event for this Website

8 Ways to Get Total Involvement

One-point Lesson: One-point Lesson

A GPS for the TPS

Are Holidays Batch Processing?

The Lean System is Making the Most of What You've Got

Taiichi Ohno Quote of the Day: My First Move

Leader Standard Work and Material Control

The Drop, the Bucket and Continuous Improvement

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All Aboard the Kaizen Express!

12 Leader Standard Work Questions to Ask on the Gemba

Plan Do Czech Act

President Obama Wants a Lean and Mean US Auto Industry

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Happiness the Kaizen Way

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Accountability for Continuous Improvement

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An Electrically Delicious Lesson on Kaizen

Should Cross-trained Workers be Paid More?

5S Overview Video

Kaizen and the Art of Elephant Eating

"Lean Factories Find It Hard to Cut Jobs"

Ambiguous Visual Controls: When Words Aren't Necessary

Lighting a Candle for Energy Sustainability

What's All the Fuss About A3 Thinking?

Porque é que esta água fria?

Guest Post: Should You Display Standardised Work Sheets at the Workstation?

Free Video: The 10 Commandments of Continuous Improvement

Taiichi Ohno's Three Lessons for the New Toyota President

The US Air Force Discovers TBP: How's it Working Out?

Drive and Dedication Power the TBP Process

TBP: Toyota Business Practice

Edwards Deming, Supply Chain Visionary?

A Question About Kaizen

Guest Post: Daily Lean Marketing Speech

Free Introduction to Lean Manufacturing Video

10 Ways that Kaizen Develops Better Leaders

7 Ways to Reduce Energy Cost

The Lean Workplace as Classroom

Where Did Value Stream Mapping Come From?

Celebrating Over 500 Years of Lean Thinking

The Top 10 Titans of TPS

Don't Touch the Fish. Because...

Kaizen Skills of an Operations Leader

3 More Practical Ways to Show Respect for Humanity

How to Arrive at the Vital Few

The Correct Sequence for Doing 5S?

10 Ways the USPS Can Become a True Economic Engine

Finding Time Values for Standard Work

How to Stretch 90 Second of Work to 2,700 Seconds

5 Why? vs. Why Not?

Lesson for Toyota from the Classics: the Cost of Victory

Ask Gemba: World Class Direct to Indirect Labor Ratio?

Digital Factory Visualization System from Panasonic: Mixed Feelings

What Did You Improve Today? If Not, Why?

The Toyota Production System by Taiichi Ohno, Chapter 2 Pt.1

Further Reflections on Standard Work

5 Ways Google Can Avoid Eliminating 100 Jobs

Conveyance is the Shadow of Information

SNED - Single Night Exchange of Domiciles?

Live Like Einstein, Operate Like Toyota

The Essential Lean Blogosphere of 2008

The Toyota Production System by Taiichi Ohno, Chapter 1

Hospital Improves Patient Flow: 90% Seen in Under 60 Minutes

Planning for One Piece Flow Cells

Virtual Factory Tours on YouTube

Ask Gemba

5 Ways to Boost Kaizen Consciousness in 2009

HP Printer Pokayoke Example

Yaruki: The Will to Win Even in Tough Times

9 Surprises for U.S. Manufacturing in 2009

Let's Do Kaizen, Not Kaizan

Answers to Lean Thinking Crossword Puzzle #1

Lean Thinking Crossword Puzzle #1

Field Report from Gemba Tour #62, Part 4

Field Report from Gemba Tour #62, Part 3

Field Report from Gemba Tour #62, Part 2

Field Report from Gemba Tour #62, Part 1

If Blame Helped Solve Problems...


PDCA is About Not Telling Lies

With Competitors Like These, Who Needs a Winning Business Strategy?

It's a Lousy Time to Implement Lean

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Pyramid Inspire our Lean Transformations

Goat Karma: Today's Most Unexpected Thing

The Future of Kaizen at Toyota is Epic

Workforce Training is Not a Quality Management System

7 Leadership Lessons from a Mountain Goat

Act Small, Think Big

Office 5S Video: Too Much or Too Little?

The Spooky Resemblance of GM, Ford and Chrysler to Zombies

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System Toyota Of Production: TPS or STOP?

Is Mean Lean Better than No Lean?

Asking for Change

13 Lean Leadership Lessons from Dwight D. Eisenhower

Winners of Lean Hospital Books

Part 3 of Q&A with Mark Graban, Author of Lean Hospitals

Part 2 of Q&A with Mark Graban, Author of Lean Hospitals

Defragmentation, Lean Systems and Putting Back Things Where They Belong

Part 1 of Q&A with Mark Graban, Author of Lean Hospitals

Q&A with Mark Graban, Author of Lean Hospitals

Jeffrety Gitomer Tears a Few Pages from Toyota's Playbook

Use Only Reliable, Thoroughly Tested Means

Get Out of Here with that Stop Watch!

The "3 Mu" of Lean Design

Taking Changeover Time into Account for Takt Time Calculation

Actual Takt Time is Planned Takt Time, Actually

The Seven Grand Challenges for Supply and Spend Management in the Next 25 Years

The PIT Factor in Change Management

Do You Want to Go Far or Go Fast on Your Lean Journey?

5 Things I am Still Learning about Lean Manufacturing

How to Measure Knowledge Worker Productivity, Part 3

Lean Manufacturing in One Word

The 7 Creativity Tools for When You are Stuck

Questions Raised by Voluntary Kaizen Policy at Toyota

How to Measure Knowledge Worker Productivity, Part 1

Small Teams Enable Kaizen and TPS

Reading Henry Ford's My Life and Work

5 Seemingly Innocent Questions You Never Want to Hear in a Lean Deployment

Toyota's Mom & Pop Suppliers Feel CCC21 Squeeze

The Wedge is the Simplest of Tools

The Hard Sell for Cells

Oh Noes! Boeing Haz Supply Chain Woes?

Learning from Things that Didn't Work

Toyota's Top Engineer on How to Develop Thinking People

The 5W1H of 5 Why

Ambiguous Visual Controls: Stop on Green

The Lean Journey and the Long Path

Three Ways to Draw Future State Value Stream Maps

We Do Not Make What We Do Not Sell: No More Trucks in Indiana

Kaizen Song: Mr. Pareto

Is it Kaizen or Just Good Management?

The Leisure to do Kaizen

Kaizen: Do What You Can Do Today

Ambiguous Visual Controls: No Running in the Airplane

Jedi Kaizen: Is the Force with You?

Genjitsu: The Only Reality

Continuous Improvement vs. Continual Improvement

Ambiguous Visual Controls: It Is OK to Rest Against Window

Why I Love $7.41 per Gallon Gasoline

Definitely Not the Pull System: Anderson Cooper 360

Toyota's Secret to Kaizen Success: Unpaid OT?

What You Find on the Floor Tells You a Lot

Overheard in Amsterdam: I Just Want the #$%@ to Clean Things Up

True Work, Apparent Work and Busywork

Calisthenics, Kaizen and Your Daily Stretch

Where does the time go?

Endless Meetings Speed Up the Pace of Change on the Gemba

Lean Strategies for Workforce Development in Manufacturing

Boeing Volunteers Helping Non-profits with Lean

You Can't Steal What is Shared Freely

Built in Quality Means Having Your Cake But Not Eating It

Guest Post: Takt Time Competition

Henry Ford Learned from Sears & Roebuck?

A Lean Enterprise Transformation is Like a Marathon

How Many Times Do You Pull the Andon Cord Each Day?

Another Way of Learning to See

The Secret of TPS

Kaizen and the Way of the Ninja

Kaizen Photos! Now Help Me Write this Blog Entry

A Few More Kaizen Ideas Involving Tennis Balls

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Improving Healthcare Delivery by Studying Toyota

The Week in Lean Blogging: Wk. 11, 2008

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Fixed Position Stop System

Visual Management that Doesn't Really Satisfy

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Considerations on Maintaining the Fairness of Kaizen Ideas Reward Systems

Key Points for Managing Kaizen Idea Systems

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Three Essential Supervisor Skills for Standard Work

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Is Lean a Superstition?

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The Seven Steps to Zero Thinking

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Management by Kaizen Events

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16 More Ways to See Motion Waste when Standing in the Circle

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Lay First the Foundation of Humility

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101 Kaizen Templates: Stand in the Circle

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How to Sustain Kaizen? Follow Up with the Tenacity of the Terminator

Comments on Toyota President Watanabe's New Year's Greeting

101 Kaizen Templates

Tap Your Breaks Early and Often to Keep Work Flowing

Lean Management Means Shifting from PPT to PPS

Lean Enterprise Rules of Three

The Secret Lives of Toyota Term Employees, Episode 4

Start Simple, Go Back to Basics, Repeat

Toyota's Suggestion System: 56 Years and Still Going Strong

Lean Journey Advice from an Optimistic Hungarian Scientist

Direct Instruction, Standardized Work and Kaizen

Sensei and Sensibility

Muri, Hubris and the Laws of Proportion

Five Questions to Ask When You Hear "We're too busy for Lean"

What I Learned About TPS from Ratatouille

Jim Womack Interview in IndustryWeek - Nation Full fo Kaizen Consultants

The Three Habits Required for Built in Quality (Jidoka)

Four Things to Do Before Letting the Lean Consultants in the Door

A3 Problem Solving as a People Development Process

Management by FACTS!!

Top 10 Problems with Problem Statements

What is the Standard?

Free Videos on Lean Healthcare, Toyota Production System

Three of the Lessons Learned from Gemba's 2007 Hoshin Kanri

Why a Kaizen Newspaper is Called a Kaizen Newspaper

Thank You, Thank You, Sam-I-Am

Stumbling on the Lesser Category of Obstacles

Do You Understand the System of Profound Knowledge?

Seeing Problems for What they Are, Or Lean Insights from G.K. Chesterton

Alignment of People, Process and Purpose

Steelcase to Bring Lean Office to China?

Top 10 Lean Education Mistakes (and a Few Recommendations)

Lean Specialists, Lean Generalists and the Benefit of Half-Persons

The Open Office Comes to Silicon Valley

The First Step to Kaizen the Environment: Problem Awareness

Highlights from Lean Manufacturing Journey to the West

Guidelines for Continuous Moving Lines

Things to Leave Behind When Jumping Out of Airplanes

The Challenge of Lean Human Resource Development, and A Modest Proposal

Questions About Lean Manufacturing in China

Kaizen Song: Kits

Prioritizing the Elimination of the 7 Types of Waste

Ten Topics for Hansei After Kaizen Event

One Person, One Piece Flow

Work is Love Made Visible

Top 10 Success Factors for 5S

11 Ways to Improve Customer Service

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There is No Honor in Muri

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Q&A During a Recent Gemba Walk

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The Apple iPhone Experience is Not Lean Consumption

Standard Work for the CEO

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Taiichi Ohno's Revolution of Awareness

10 Common Misconceptions About Lean Manufacturing

This Week in Kaizen (Wk #25, 2007)

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What Does the Observer Have to Do with the Observed?

Job Instruction for Lean Transformation Leaders

Half of the intel in Google is wasted

Want to Learn Kaizen? Forget About It

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Medicare May Stop Paying for Hospital Errors

Toyota Number One in the World... in Recalls?

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Announcing the 5S Challenge Winners!

Lean Manufacturing by the Numbers

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What Would You Do If You Had No __?

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Thank You

Review of The Elegant Solution by Matthew E. May

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The Value of Figuring It Out for Yourself

White Space Muda

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Twelve Reasons to Tell Customers About Your Lean Manufacturing Efforts

Here are 4.5 Signs that Your Lean May be L.A.M.E.

Work in Process in Knowledge Work

Safety Glasses Are a Sign of Unsafe Processes

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The War On Waste

Quick Changeover and SMED for the Office

The 5 Why Questions, Like All Roads, Lead to Rome

Build a Workplace You Can Be Proud Of

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Lean Culture in a Temporary Workforce

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Toyota Rebrands in Canada

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Rarely Has Ranting Been This Good

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Giving A Shout Out to a Few Gemba Bloggers

Words of Taiichi Ohno Sensei, Part 4: It's a Race to Get People to Think

When Times Are Tough, Do You Make Better Decisions?

Buy Ford, Sell GM, Hold Toyota (but don't take investment advice from me...)

Top 5 Lean Manufacturing Books for Beginners

Endless Creativity, Inquisitiveness and Pursuit of Improvement

Top Five Non-Lean Things Gemba Did In 2006

Selecting a Management and Improvement System

Being an Improvement Agnostic

Holiday Shopping is Wasteful

Note to Toyota: Top Five Things to Do in 2007 as World's #1 Automobile Manufacturer

Ford CEO Mullaly's First Impressions

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The Starfish, the Spider and the Span of Five

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Making a Business Out of Organizing (Making You Feel on Top of Things)

Gemba Keiei by Taiichi Ohno, Chapter 35: The Monaka System

And Now We Have "Kakushin" (sigh...)

When the Customer Defines Value, But They Define It Poorly What Do You Do?

How to Put Kaizen into Your Culture

One-Hour Low Tech Lean Introduction

Gemba Keiei by Taiichi Ohno, Chapter 34: The Pitfall of Cost Calculation

Hansei on Hansei

The ROI of an Open Office

Dilbert Rips Six Sigma

The Toyota Way is Total Company Discipline, Partial Study is GM's Failure

Gemba Keiei by Taiichi Ohno, Chapter 33: The Difference Between Production Engineering and Manufacturing Engineering

Thankful but Dissatisfied

How to Stay Out of Trouble with Mr. Convis

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Dissatisfaction: The Essence of Toyota Management and the Kaizen Mindset

Top 5 Things I Learned in China Last Week

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Believing You Can Get Lean Makes You Leaner

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The Toyota Preparation System or the “Bank of Preparation”

Applying Lean Manufacturing to University Libraries

Kaizen vs. Kaikaku

Toyota Botches Lean Implementation at Japan Post?

Things They Say at Toyota: Being Busy is Shameful

Taiichi Ohno's Book "Workplace Management" Returns to Print in 2007

Undivided Wholeness in Flowing Movement

Reflection (Hansei) is the Noblest Teacher

Don't Talk to Us About Toyota

Continuous Improvement Video from Genie Industries

How to Use 3P to Work Out Process Design Alternatives

Kaizen Suggestions at Nokia Factory in India Improve Quality

Educating People is Key to Operational Excellence

Lessons from Toyota's IT Strategy

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Things They Say at Toyota: Ask "Why?" Five Times

How Wipro Adapted the Toyota Production System to IT Work

How Do U Spell Quality?

Gemba Keiei by Taiichi Ohno, Chapter 31: There is a Correct Sequence to Kaizen

The View from the Other Side: Stop the Kaizen!

Learning English the Toyota Production System Way!

Free Turnaround Advice to All Struggling Airlines

Scottish Local Authority Wins Award for Kaizen

Operational Excellence Requires Kaizen and Respect for People

Toyota Production System as a Learning System

Not Trying to Coin A New Buzzword, But...

Copy + Kaizen = Yokoten

The Little Chip Fab that Could

Applying the 80-20 Rule to Kaizen

Things They Say at Toyota: Protect Your Own Castle

October: A Month of Lean-free Blogging

Lean Government Buzz in Scotland

Good Example of Pokayoke through Software Code

My Early Kaizen Days

Gemba Keiei by Taiichi Ohno, Chapter 30: Seiri Seiton Seiso Seiketsu Shitsuke

One Sign of a Lean Culture: Kaizen or Get Out

Lesson in Visual Management from GOL

A Workplace that Encourages Movement Gets Good Results

It's Not Really "Go See", It's "Go Observe"

Healthcare Costs Can Be Cut

How to Learn the Fundamentals of the Toyota Production System in 30 Days

What Experience Do You Have in My Industry?

Lean by Any Means Necessary

What is Flexibility for Lean Manufacturing?

Hoshin is 5S for Your Head

Workflow Design: Horizontal Handling vs. Vertical Handling

That's Not Cost Reduction, That's Stealing

A Heijunka Economy

Look Up from Your Work and Ask: "Could We Flow This?"

One Point Lesson: Operational Availability vs. Rate of Operation

Ouch! Change Hurts

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Lean Blog Interview with Dr. Jeffrey Liker

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Can I Get an A3 Report with those 2.38 Million Recalls?

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This Is An Experiment

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One Key to a Lean Culture: Be Dissatisfied in the Work You Do

When did Toyota Get to be a Company Like This?

One Definition of Lean Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing, Chicken Knife. Six Sigma, Cow Knife.

I Want to Own a Chinese Sweatshop

Error Proof the Pokayoke to Build in Quality

See It, Smell It, Shanghai is Changing

Getting in the Habit of Change

Standard Work is Kaizen Instruction for Managers

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What's Next After Lean?

Gemba Keiei by Taiichi Ohno, Chapter 28: Wits Don't Work Until You Feel the Squeeze

Kaizen Secrets of the Toyota Mind

Words of Taiichi Ohno Sensei, Part 3: The Top 8 Pearls of Wisdom on Kaizen

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Spending Money to Hinder Leadership

Copy This: How AIRSpeed Copies Kaizen Ideas

How Toyota Used IT to Cut New Product Development Time in Half

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No One Does Lean Like the Japanese

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5S in the Office Saves Space, Expense Money and Time

The Top 10 Reasons to Start Lean Office and Lean Manufacturing at the Same Time

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Credit Suisse Does Gemba Research

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Trying Out Herman Miller's New Cubicle: Not for the Lean Office

Doing More with Less in the Lean Office

Do Heijunka with Your Kaizen Efforts

Toyota Feels the Heat from Hyundai

Gemba Keiei Chapter 25: Work is a Game of Wits with Subordinates

The Lean Ranger in: The Workshop of the World, Part II

NHS Confederation Releases "Lean Thinking for the NHS"

Sell Complacency, Buy Kaizen

Lean Thinking & Google's 9 Notions of Innovation

Kaizen Song: Cycle Times They Are A-Changin’

Some Thoughts on Future State Value Stream Mapping

Gemba Keiei Chapter 24: Fight the Robot Fad

Lean Manufacturing Mantras

Giving Lean Healthcare a Bad Name

Kaizen Consultant Asks: "Why is this Here?"

Physiognomy & Phrenology vs. Root Cause Analysis & Kaizen

Kaizen the Design, Recall the Part

Gemba Keiei Chapter 23: Producing at the Lowest Possible Cost

Before Kaizen, Ask "If You Had Enough, Would You Know?"

Kaizen in the School System: Reading, Writing, Arithmetic and Problem Solving

Construction Executives Visit Toyota, Learn Kaizen

The Lean Office & The Typewriter of the Future

Gemba Keiei Chapter 22: Shut the Machines Off!

Hoshin Kanri Lesson: No Plan Goes According to Plan

Going Back to School for Hoshin Kanri

Lean Manufacturing in the Construction Industry

Good News! Hospitals are Healing Themselves through Kaizen

Gemba Keiei Chapter 21: Rationalization is Doing What is Rational

Five Practical Ways to Stay on the Sunny Side of Lean

Interview with Darius Mehri, Author of "Notes from Toyota-land"

Lean Production Does Not Respect People

Human Kanban

War, Oil and Lean Production

From the Mechanical Side to the Dark Side of Lean...

The 5 Steps to Building Jidoka Equipment

Gemba Keiei Chapter 20: What I Learned About Forging Changeover from Toyota do Brasil

Designing Processes to Fit Lean Manufacturing with the 16 Catch Phrases of 3P

The Top 5 Reasons for Using Production Preparation Process (3P)

Tame the Hedgehog, Name it Kaizen

Lean Manufacturing, Industrial Engineering & HRD: No Animals Today

Bill and Barry Grapple with the Lean Manufacturing Elephant

Following the Kaizen Process Out of the Lion's Den

Lean Broadcasting? NHK Calls Toyota for Help with Kaizen

Kaizen in a Petri Dish

Gemba Keiei Chapter 19: Toyota Made the Kanban System Possible

Lean Food Service: Cut Overproduction, Feed the Hungry

Job Shop Kaizen

First Face of Innovation: Go to Gemba

Gemba Keiei Chapter 18: Supermarket System

Reflections on Standard Work

What is Lean Government?

Gemba Keiei Chapter 17: The Goal - Improve Productivity Ten-Fold

TPS from the Horse's Mouth: View the Videos & Take the Quiz!

You've Gotta Go to Gemba More Often Than That!

Toyota Seeking Top Talent: Tightwads Only Need Apply

Gemba Keiei Chapter 16: Grandpa Sakichi's Jidoka Idea

5S Your Desk: And Other Tips for Office Productivity

The Problem of Excessive Executive Compensation for Lean Manufacturing

Gemba Keiei Chapter 15: Just In Time

Herman Miller NT Furniture is NoT Lean

College Dean Concludes: Kaizen Best Learned by Doing

The Link Between Gemba Kaizen and Human Resource Development

Gemba Keiei Chapter 14: Do Kaizen When Times Are Good

For Built-in Quality, Simple is Best

The Takt Time for Your Question is 42 Seconds

How Exactly Does Toyota Put People on the Balance Sheet as Assets?

Put People on the Balance Sheet

Lean Manufacturing Institute in Iowa: Will They Get it Right?

"Simple Slim" Engine Production Powers Profits at Toyota

Gemba Keiei Chapter 13: Improve Productivity Even with Reduced Volumes

Work Hard, Complain, and Do Kaizen

Better Safety and Ergonomics through Kaizen

State of Maine a Leader in Lean Government

Aberdeen Authority Reinvests in Kaizen Blitz Team

Why GM and Ford Can't Embrace the Toyota Way

Kaizen Resultant Gets Lean Government Results in Scotland

Experience Kaikaku, Day 5: What I Learned about Kaizen

Experience Kaikaku, Day 4: The KTC Way

Experience Kaikaku, Day 3: The Thinking Behind TPS

Experience Kaikaku, Day 2: Fun with Pipes & Joints

Experience Kaikaku, Day 1: The Airport

Minding the Length of a Toy Duck's Neck

Chief Quality Officer of GE: Six Sigma is Dead

Lean Office "Open Room" Foils Unethical Recruiter

We Don't Need a Big Culture Change at Ford. No Wait, Yes We Do!

The "Lean Manufacturing Push" at Chrysler

Reflecting on Toyota's 2,411,117 Recalls in 2005

How to Give Lean Manufacturing a Bad Name

Gemba's Consulting Work Featured on NIST Website

Pandemic Preparation: Just in Time or Just in Case?

Governor Vilsack Plans to Create Lean Manufacturing Institute in Iowa

Hope for Lean at Local Government Levels

Respect for People? Labor Unrest at Toyota Kirloskar

American Workers Embrace Kaizen Culture at NUMMI

Pit Crew Kaizen

Kaizen Means Thinking "Now Things are the Worst Ever"

Happy New Year, and Genchi Gembutsu

Business Process Outsourcing, Meet Value Engineering

Crossing the Chasm of Lean Transformation, Part 2

Crossing the Chasm of Lean Transformation, Part 1

How to Kaizen Boxing Day

Are they Nuts? Lean Team Shouts "Do It First and Think Later"

Lean Engineering and Taking Down the Walls

Faça Primeiro e Pense Depois: What I Learned from Japan in Brazil

I'll Have Some Innovation Please, but Hold the Kaizen

Dueling Views on Role of Kaizen Events for Lean Transformation

The Cheerful Delusion of the Kaizen Mind

A3 Report Title: 189 Apologies

Heads Firmly in Sand, Motor City Chairmen Speak Out

This Blog Has Been Kaizened to Accept Your Comments!

Lean Food Service in Korea Factory Cafeteria

Kaizen Blitz for Project Teams

Quick and Easy Kaizen for Project Teams

Workstream Kaizen for Project Teams

Workgroup Kaizen for Project Teams

Making the Case for Kaizen for Project Teams

The Kaizen Cops Clobber Government Waste in Kenya

Introducing Kaizen for Project Teams

Run Faster, Team

Gemba Keiei Chapter 12: Agricultural People Like Inventory

Triangulating the Problem of American Manufacturing, Part 2

Triangulating the Problem of American Manufacturing, Part 1

Norman Bodek Blogs about Kaikaku

The Perils of Not Going "Genchi, Gembutsu" (On Site, With the Actual Things)

Time for an Ohno Prize?

Setting the Bridges to Nowhere to the Torch

NAVAirspeed Merger to Take Kaizen to Next Level

Eric's Japan Lean Benchmarking Trip, 3

Peter Pan, Kaizen and Joseph Lieberman

GM Red Tags Dealer Inventory

Gemba Keiei Chapter 11: Wasted Motion is Not Work

In Defense of Mr. Rogers

Skill Matrix Enables Suggestion System

Lean Government Update Nov. 9, 2005

Eric's Japan Lean Benchmarking Trip, 2

Recommended Book: China, Inc. by Ted Fishman

Genchi Gembutsu in Aceh, Indonesia

Client tells Gemba: "We're Wasting Our Money by Paying You"

Eric's Lean Benchmarking Trip to Japan, Part 1

Design Process Around People

Gemba Keiei Chapter 10: The Misconception that Mass Production is Cheaper

Toyota Loves France!

Toyota is No Friend of the Earth, Say Greens

Tune into NUMMI Tour Tales

Kaizen Mindset at the Head of Chrysler

How Not to Spend $453 Million

Highlights from an Interview with Masaaki Imai

No Pushing

Tough Love for Delphi Leadership

Lean Applied to Food Service

Small Companies Playing With Big Company Rules

Toyota Kaizens... a Shrub?

Kaizen, Kangaroos & Kiwis

First, it's about People. Second...

Gemba Keiei Chapter 9: Reduced Inventory, Increased WIP

Kaizen in the Arabian Peninsula

Robots, Rabbits and Kaizen

What's so Bad about Assembly Line Healthcare?

What I Learned from a Marxist about Lean Manufacturing

Governor Vilsack Brings Lean Government to Iowa

Gemba Keiei, Chapter 8: Limited Volume Production is to Produce at Low Cost

Virtual JKE - Final Entry

Ford Adopts Toyota-style Supplier Strategy

Virtual JKE Day Five

Virtual JKE Day Four

Sitting Work vs. Standing Work in a Lean Manufacturing Workplace

Virtual JKE Day Three

Virtual JKE Part Two

Virtual JKE

Postal Service Provides Model for Lean Government

Gemba Keiei, Chapter 7: Don't Fear Opportunity Losses

Effective ERP Implementation

Work Content for Line Leads

Strong Supervision: The Key to Long-term Kaizen

Gemba Keiei, Chapter 6: The Blind Spot in Cost Calculation

Gemba Keiei, Chapter 5: Misconceptions Hidden within Common Sense

Gemba Keiei, Chapter 4: Go See What Didn't Work with Your Own Eyes

Wipro Studies TPS to Achieve Lean Transactions

Mr. Toyota Goes to Washington

Three Useful Phrases for Kaizen

Gemba Keiei, Chapter 3: Misconceptions Reduce Productivity

Developing Team Leaders through Kaizen

The Best Lean Factory in the USA?

Notes from the Field: Implementation and Continuity Safety Nets

Lean Healthcare: Increase Value or Reduce Waste?

Kaizen in the Naval Air Command

Lean Thinking at the LAPD

What About the 8th Waste?

Toyota Raises Prices, but Not for That Reason

Kaizen Teams & the Wisdom of Crowds

What You Can Learn in Traffic about Lean Manufacturing

Qingdao Haier's Bids for Maytag: LeanSigma Goes to China?

95% Cost Reduction: That's Kaikaku

Lean & Assembly Line Throughput Times

Making Work As Simple as Possible (but Not Simpler)

Holding Up the Top Half of the Value Stream Map

The Forest and the Trees: a Lesson in Change

Teaching Lean without Words

Balancing Market Leadership and Social Responsibility at Toyota

Book Review: One Small Step Can Change Your Life - The Kaizen Way

The State of Lean Healthcare: Critical Mass is Building

Hyundai Throws Down the Glove

It is Not Enough that Toyota Succeeds, GM Must Also Not Fail

Toyota's Lean Manufacturing Metrics

Lean Manufacturing with a Temporary Workforce

100% Efficiency is Not the Goal

Walls & Cubicles: Waste Multipliers in the Office

Subtle Shifts in the 7 Wastes of Lean

Motivating Smart People to Learn about Lean

Kaizen Event Fait Accompli

The Perfect World or Our Ideal World?

The Power of Mapping

Build a Lean Enterprise on a Stable Foundation

On-time Delivery Starts with Trust

OEE Basics from Europe

The Four Elements for Sustaining Kaizen

Keys to Sustaining 5S

Value Stream Maps & Right Brain Thinking

Where to Start the Lean Journey: 5S or with VSM?

Why does Toyota Share the Secrets of TPS?

Planning a Lean Journey? Take the Toyota Way

Genchi Gembutsu

TPS is the Thinking People System

Gemba Keiei, Chapter 2: If You Are Wrong, Admit It

A Sense of Urgency Like Smokey & the Bandit

Gemba Keiei, Chapter 1: The Wise Mend their Ways

The Trap of Managing by Computer Screens

TPM Metrics & Financial Impact

VP of Lean Enterprise Plays 20 Questions with Lean Managers

Introducing Gemba Keiei by Taiichi Ohno

Ownership Generates Success

Where Does Lean Apply in Hospitals?

Keeping Minds Nimble, Bodies Limber at Toyota

Streamlining Eye Surgery: Innovation in India

In the News: Overproduction in Detroit

The Power of Ideas from Everyone

The Toyota Job Description: Follow Standards & Find Better Ways

Selling Autonomous Maintenance to the Machine Operator

One Piece Flow & Standard WIP

If You Want to Pull, Don't Deliver

Why Kaizen Teams Should Be Cross-Functional

Kaizen: Start with Production or "The Office"?

Flow Counterclockwise for a Good Reason

Making Standard Work Stick

Product Development Performance Metrics

Lean and Green

Takt Time for Executives

Extreme Programming & the Lean Office

Throughput, Bottlenecks, and Capacity: It's All in the TPCBP

Lean Fundamental: Do Today's Work Today

Sustaining Results in the Lean Office

Lean Customer Service

Questions from the Field #3: Lean Engineering

Questions from the Field #2: Lean Engineering

Questions from the Field #1: Lean Engineering

Quality & Law Enforcement: Detection vs. Prevention

Kaizen Events Build Buy-in

Kaizen is Like Climbing a Mountain: Drive Stakes in Along the Way

Kaizen is for Everyone, Everyday

Making Sense of Takt-Flow-Pull

Applying Flow to Healthcare

What is Jidoka? Test Drive a Minivan

Lean Practitioners Beware: You May be Tampering

Focus on Flow Streamlines 5S

Be Careful What You Measure, You Just Might Improve It

Attacking Waste in Knowledge Work

The Lean Factory is Not an Orchestra

Pockets of Improvement